LGBT? Start Here

You found us.

Maybe you overheard people talking about OneCorban (“the gay group”), maybe you saw us on Facebook, or through Google.

You might be nervous.

Even about looking at this site. Maybe you came to Corban, hiding your orientation — hiding “that one thing” — and hoping that going to a Christian University would fix that issue. Maybe you’re not sure what you think about LGBT issues, and you want to hear a different side than what you’ve heard from chapel speakers or professors — but you’re worried that if you’re found exploring this, people might begin to suspect something.

You might be hurt.

Though a Christian university is largely a great place to be — it can be hurtful if you’re LGBT. You’ve probably heard people called fag, or heard guys in the dorm use the no homo disclaimer, or heard people whisper about if homosexuals go to Corban. You might have tried reparative therapy, or explored groups like Exodus International. You might have been told that your feelings are wrong, that your attractions are due to an absent parent, or that you must be celibate for life.

You might be angry.

You might be angry at God. Really angry. You might be feeling that this is not what you expected out of life. You might be frustrated that many around you are dating and getting married and that these things are off-limits to you because of…that one thing. You might feel marginalized in your youth group, your church, your home — even your dorm.

Still — you found us. 

Whatever you’re feeling and whoever you are: you are not alone. There are more of us at Corban than you realize, and there are many more before you who have walked the same hallways, sat in the same chapel seats, and lived in the same dorms as you. You are loved. You are not alone. This site and this group are here to make sure that you know this.

And we’re glad you’re here.



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